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Import appears stuck - BillM - 05-12-2018

If your import appears stuck like in the image below, it's generally due to a bad pricing formula. When this happens, the system crashes in a way that cannot be captured or reported, since when the error occurs the import crashes and no further actions can be accomplished. If you are experiencing this, the first thing you should check are you pricing formulas. Check for invalid mathematical characters (no = chars, etc, only + / - * ) and make sure every parenthesis or bracket has an opposite parenthesis or bracket - each ( needs a ) and each { needs a }. Also if you're using functions like floor() make sure there are no misspellings.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=9]

RE: Import appears stuck - BillM - 05-25-2018

I've figured out how to capture these types of formula errors and report the cause before it crashes so this post may be obsolete but I'm leaving it here anyway Big Grin