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My site is loading sloooooooow - BillM - 07-10-2018

Most, if not all, of these issues have been resolved as of 7-21-2018 but I am leaving this here for reference. You may still experience this behavior approximately once per hour, especially if you are still in testing mode and are the only one accessing the store.

If your site is new and are importing from 2 or more vendors with a majority of their products being displayed on the store, then every single item you've elected to show is considered NEW. What's taking so long is that the system has to randomly pick new products from the literally 10’s of thousands of NEW products for your home page’s NEW PRODUCTS section. This will get better as time goes by and fewer and fewer products are considered NEW. You could drop to just 1 vendor and add more later… but you’d need to either delete all their products or disable them all, plus making sure to remember to disable their imports.

If you're just starting out, pick 1 vendor to import from and get comfortable with. Use them to learn the category mapping techniques, and get your menus set up. By the time you're done with that, their items will probably not be considered NEW any longer (depending on what value you have for the NEW PRODUCT AGE setting) and then you could add another vendor to import from. Wait a few days, and add another, etc.

Another setting you can adjust is the Animate multiple product images setting. 

All of these settings are found in Store Information -> Site Settings -> Product Settings

You can avoid loading the homepage by typing the url to the login page directly into your browser's address bar like this:

Once you send the login info your site will try to load the homepage again, so just cancel it and enter the url for your admin screen like this:

Keep in mind that the server is still running the process to load the homepage so this may not work like you'd expect but at least your browser isn't waiting for it to finish.

After some time goes by the homepage will load quicker since it will have fewer products to sort out and you can gradually start increasing the product age required for it to be considered "new" as described above.