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Easy Post
Quote:Who is Easy Post and why do I need an account?
Easy Post (, as the name implies, is the simplest way to integrate all of the various shipping APIs into one centralized set of commands. Shipping companies have some of the worst APIs out there. The documentation is often shotty and outdated and is virtually a nightmare to get working and keep working, especially with all of the extra headaches associated with shipping firearms and ammunition. Using Easy Post allows us to spend our time creating products and features for you instead of shipping. Easy Post takes care of that so we don't have to worry about it. If one of the shipping companies change something, we seldom have to do anything on our end to accomodate it, it just keeps working. Easy Post charges a mere $.03 per label, therefore if you want to print labels from your website, you simply just need to set up your Easy Post account and enter your credentials into your My FFL Cart store. If you have negotiated rates with your shipping provider, they will still be in effect.

An Easy Post account is necessary to provide real-time shipping estimates during the checkout process as well as address validation. They don't charge for shipping rates or address validation, they only charge you if you generate a label. Test labels are free too.

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